The joy, the laughter, the bonds built and strengthened were well worth the investment of time. We engaged in some group activities including “Do Dad’s Do” as well as Kickball – dads vs daughters (where dads have to skip and use non-dominant hand/foot), as well as some dad/daughter time

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Father Daughter Camp Out! “SILVER RUN”

But some of the best time, was actually when it rained… it rained the day we got there (before anyone else – because I took the whole day off), and we sat in the tent and played cards. Saturday afternoon, we spent lunch eating hot dogs under a tree to avoid the rain – of course, we had our rain gear on, but it was really fun.

It was definitely something that she will remember, and she already talking about wanting to go back next year.

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Get in the Pool!

When we arrived at the pool, my daughter immediately got in, and I realized I had forgotten to bring a journal in which I had intended to do my daily study (still multitasking — guess not!). Upset by this, I dove into my book (pun intended), somewhat disgruntled… and only read two paragraphs. What I read was this:

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