Father Daughter Camp Out! “SILVER RUN”

But some of the best time, was actually when it rained… it rained the day we got there (before anyone else – because I took the whole day off), and we sat in the tent and played cards. Saturday afternoon, we spent lunch eating hot dogs under a tree to avoid the rain – of course, we had our rain gear on, but it was really fun.

It was definitely something that she will remember, and she already talking about wanting to go back next year.

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Get in the Pool!

When we arrived at the pool, my daughter immediately got in, and I realized I had forgotten to bring a journal in which I had intended to do my daily study (still multitasking — guess not!). Upset by this, I dove into my book (pun intended), somewhat disgruntled… and only read two paragraphs. What I read was this:

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Make Time for the Unexpected

My Jewel is very crafty. Not in the sly devious way, but in the inventive ingenuity way. She will often take something from the trash and make a clever thing from it. On my first trip to “The Depot” I noticed the Kids Workshop being given but didn’t think twice about it. Well, this time she noticed it.

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