Encouraging Dad

Responsible Fathers. Diligent Men. Loyal Leaders.

Solomon once said, “Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.”  Yet many men out there who have fathered children don’t feel like, much less act like, “the glory of their children,” and yet that is exactly how God designed it.

Our society seems to have some mysterious initiative that would have us forget what the position of a father is truly meant to be.  But let’s not worry about the origin, let’s take action to change that. Your kids need leadership and you are the one to lead them!  There is a reason God chose to use the analogy of a father and a son to describe his own character and His relationship within the Trinity.

I want to encourage men to stand up and journey with me, and remember (or discover for the first time) what it means to be a dad!  Will you join me as we seek to be the Dad that our children need?

–Ricky Cassford
Dad / Author / Speaker
Founder – EncouragingDad / CharactersOfCourage


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