My Story

It has been more than 10 years since the first of my four children inspired me to begin a journey to be a “good dad.”  I desperately wanted to teach my son how to be a man. This led to a lot of research, conversations with other dads, and creativity in my own parenting, to stay on target.  I have traveled a decade along this journey, and I have discovered that becoming a dad is less about becoming someone that you are concerned that you can’t be, and more about being the someone God already made you to be – for the good of your children.

Father = Dad

I believe that every man who is blessed with a child has the ability to be a good dad!  Most of us just need a little guidance, a few suggestions, and ENCOURAGEMENT to be that guy.

My desire is to redefine (remember) what it means to be a father, in our society.  I truly want to see the title “Father” and the title “Dad’ become synonymous, again.


My Mission

I feel that I am called to create a world of affirmation, intentionality, and unconditional love, by creatively and passionately encouraging those around me toward their full potential, to the glory of Jesus Christ, in their lives and in their families.

I am the father of four children, who – Praise God – have received Christ as their own personal Lord and savior, and are walking with him.  I had my first child when I was 21, and I felt ill-equipped to be a God-honoring father.  Through specific research, and observation of my children and the multitudes in our children’s ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel (Rollin Meadows, IL, and Denver, CO) God planted seeds, concepts, and ideas that have shaped our parenting.  By His grace, He has called me to spread His words about what it means to be a father, according to His word, and I am seeking to take up that call.  Will you join me?