Devotions for Dads! – Proverbs 11:7

“When the wicked dies, his hope will perish, and the expectation of wealth perishes too.” Proverbs 11:7

Money is not hope. Often money leads to wickedness, that is why Jesus said that it is the root of all kinds of evil. It doesn’t mean that it in itself is bad, or wrong – it actually is very useful in this world, but only here. There is no hope in wealth beyond the grave. Those who neglect the rest of life after the constant need for more wealth find hopelessness at the end of that journey.

Lord God, remind me, at my wicked moments, of this truth. Strengthen me to keep my eyes on You. Inspire me to take the opportunity in front of me to do the things you’ve put on my heart – but also to do what You’ve been asking me to do, seeking Your face in everything. Father, I ask that you bless my family this year. Bless us greatly. Give us the will to follow where You lead, and the ability to receive Your best for us. Wipe clean our minds and our hands. Focus our hearts on You alone. In Jesus Name, I pray, amen.

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