Devotions for Dads! – Proverbs 11: 8

“The righteous is delivered from trouble and the wicked walks into it instead.” Proverbs 11:8

There is deliverance for some. This world has many troubles. Solomon does not mean that those who are righteous will have no trouble… but they will be delivered from it. The Israelites had trouble with the Egyptians (slavery), Mordecai had trouble with Haman (hatred and seeking extermination), Peter had trouble with the Roman guards and yet God delivered out of each of these circumstances. To be delivered out of, one must be in something, to begin with. This world holds troubles for the righteous, but God will deliver them out… including completely out of this world and into His glory, through Jesus Christ’s righteousness if one has it. The wicked have no deliverance, from the present troubles or from the ones to come. Even for them, only Jesus Christ can deliver, and only if they accept His help.

Lord, You ARE Good. Thank you for Your word and that its history shows us examples over and over of how Your promises are true. Praise You for the strength to be righteous and pure. Please continue to supply that strength and the mindset to guide me (and my family) through this wretched world. You are the guide, You are the leader, savior, and advocate. Jesus Christ, Your Name be praised! Grant me humility as I lead my family – make me a good follower. You promise that You will provide – do it. You promise my deliverance from trouble – do it. You promise that Your plans are to prosper us and not harm – do it Lord Jesus, Father who set all in motion, and Spirit who guides me, heart and soul. Be glorified in my household in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

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