The “Family Tree” of Sin

If you were to brainstorm all the specific sins anyone can possibly commit and make a leaf for each one, and then name each leaf as it is attached to a tree branch, each bow would be a particular area of sin perhaps, and as each branch attaches to the larger limb and eventually the trunk, you would find that the name on the trunk of the tree, where the leaves get their ability to grow, would be called selishness (pride).

Every sinful act that you have ever committed is somehow rooted in pride or selfishness. Don’t let your pride teach your child(ren) life should be all about them.

“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves,”

— Paul, First Century A.D.
Wes and CAP – sibling rivalry much? This is the training ground for learning humility! 🙂

Your children will respect you more when you are wrong, and you own up to it asking for their forgiveness, than when they realize that you are so stubborn you will act like you’re right at all costs, even the expense of your honesty.  Not only will they respect you more, but it is a great opportunity to be an example of humility, and to model how we are all in need of forgiveness. It’s also a great demonstration of what to do when they mess up.

You can do it! Admit when you are wrong, and recognize that we all need forgiveness and grace. If your children learn that now, they will be able to focus on giving grace and forgiveness to others.