Confidence vs Arrogance

My oldest dressed as David S. Pumpkins for Halloween

Are you “Always Right!” …? This is a common cliche’ of american men in our day.  Or do you admit when you are wrong?  Does your family think so?

The attitude that ‘you are always right’ is pride (the root of the tree).  It’s not true even if it seems that you often are. I know this because there was a time in my life that I acted as if it were so. I was arrogant. God has brought a few people with this attitude into my life over the years to show me exactly what it looks like from the other side. I have discovered that an attitude of “I’m always right,” is ugly, even when smugly covered by humor.

As teenagers (and tweens), your children will arrogantly believe that what they think to be right, is “the way it is.”  This will be difficult.  Remember they will be adults and the same truths apply to their selfish-pride even now. Also remember, your job is to help them understand the difference between arrogance and confidence.

Confidence is different than the arrogance of “I’m always right.” Confidence is very attractive and having confidence in yourself, and the gifts that you have been given is a great example for your children. Confidence does not say I can’t be wrong, it says I will do my best to be right. Teach your children to be confident in who they are, and the gifts that they have been given, but also to accept when things don’t go their way, after all, they are human.

Everything you have, including the knowledge to be right (when you are) has been given to you, and it is not to be taken for granted. Even the ability to be confident is a gift meant for God’s glory, not to go to your head. When you keep in mind that everything you have has been given to you it breeds authentic humility which is drastically missing in our society today.

You can do this!  It’s o.k. to admit when you are wrong, it’s very good for your sake and your children’s. It will give your children the opportunity to fail.

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