Devotions for Dads! – Proverbs 11:19

“Whoever is steadfast in righteousness will live, but he who pursues evil will die.” Proverbs 11:19

Fixed on good character.

Steadfast, according to Merriam-Webster means, “firmly fixed in place; not subject to change.” When one is firm in his character (righteousness, virtue, integrity) he clings to a set of standards that are the opposite of evil or wickedness. This steadfastness brings about practices and habits that encourage life to himself, and those around him. As we’ve seen in many of Solomon’s proverbs so far, there is an opposite present that takes the extreme. If righteousness leads to life, then wickedness leads to death. Character is developed over years of consistent choices. This is why the health and character of children relies greatly on a present father. Children will not voluntarily choose virtue, character, or righteousness, but if their father leads them in it, and sets appropriate expectations of them, then they have a much better chance to become steadfast in righteousness.

Lord God, keep it pressed on my heart to train up my children in the way they, each, should go. Help me to be a good example of this steadfastness, not just in front of them but for Your glory. Strengthen me during this slow time at work, bless me through it. Make me diligent to seek out other forms of income. Give me wisdom to hear You, and to follow where You lead – but also to look to the ways You have set up, and to know that sometimes I have to do ‘thus’ to get ‘so.’ Praise You for the freedom to do that, and the knowledge of how Your ability to know and direct does not limit my ability to live. Make us diligent.