Do You Want to Go Fast, or really, really Fast?!

Photo by Chris Becker on Unsplash

I work with a gentleman who is a few years older than I, divorced, and recently has found the joy of children, whether seeing them in the restaurant, out “riding the bike” (as he says), or taking pictures of families – as is his new hobby. He seems to have had a good home life, and respects his dad greatly. We have had many conversations about “Dad’s role” and the influence it has on a child.

Recently, he was telling me of a time that he was admiring a fellow bike enthusiast who had a small trailer attached to the back of his bicycle with a child in it. The Dad stopped his bike at the top of a hill, and turned to look at his child.

“Do you want to go fast, or do you want to go really, really fast,” he said.

I could see in the face of my co-worker that the moment jogged a memory and a comfort, that he had had long ago, and it made me think about the “fun” of dad.  I immediately jotted down the account to tell it to you!

Dad, have fun with your children. Yes, have fun that you enjoy – because you know that the dad in my friends account that day wanted to go really, really, fast… but also, enjoy the fun that they enjoy…  Yes… enjoy the fun that they enjoy! Press into the opportunities you have to step into their world, and enjoy a tea party, a board game, or participate in a costume parade. You can use your children as an excuse if it seems embarrassing, or beneath you to “lower yourself to that type of frivolity.”

A man who allows childish things to invade his life, for the sake of his child, is an honorable man.

Engage them in the things you enjoy as well, and they, most likely, will enjoy it too. While at the same time, don’t forget to seek out the things that they enjoy… they will see that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and it will touch them even more.


Game Night with my Kids

So, Dad… I challenge you to have fun with your children today. 2 specific times, seek out a time to enjoy them:
1. Seek to do, and enjoy, something that they consider to be fun (especially if you don’t at first)
2. Invite them to join you in something (age appropriate) that you enjoy, and tell them why you enjoy it.

You can do it! Have fun with your kid(s) today!