A Magnificent Treasure!

A Magnificent Treasure, by Ricky Cassford

Dragons are well known to be protectors. They are also known to possess the greatest treasure in the land. Tales have been told of dragons with maidens held captive in the tower of a castle, for centuries, but what if we reverse the idea? How about a maiden that is not held against her will, but feels protected, and taken care of, by the dragon? …who feels treasured by the dragon?

When I first had the inspiration to take a well known object, or animal, and personify my feelings for my girls upon this thing, I flippantly said to my pastor, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a story that illustrates how a dad provides, and fiercely defends his daughter… like a dragon defending its treasure?”  He then said seven simple words that inspired a five year journey.

He said, “I love the way your mind works!”

I thought to myself, “Perhaps I should write that down.”  Well five years later, I have a published picture book, that a fellow artist friend of mine illustrated.

The day we uploaded the AMT files to the publisher.

A Magnificent Treasure, is a reorienting of a tale that involves a dragon, a maiden, and a knight, but this time the motivations have changed.  Dad, it’s time to enjoy the pleasure of reading to your daughter(s) in a new way, while endearing the idea of how much you value them into both of your hearts.  This concept changed my relationship with my daughters before I had even written it down!

My daughters call me their Dragon, and my girls are my Gem, and my Jewel respectively… and collectively they are my Treasure; my Magnificent Treasure!!

My Gem, and My Jewel

I will be reading this story to my girls – even at 11 and 15 – this weekend at Brave Church.  Come hear it from my lips, and buy a signed copy!

B.R.A.V.E. Church – Room 201 (10:30 am)
3651 S. Colorado Blvd
Englewood, CO 80113


*If you’re not in the area, you still can purchase a book on the resources page.  Or on amazon.com, A Magnificent Treasure

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