Your Kids Are Always Watching


Sometimes we gloss over the word always, but I have chosen that word intentionally. They are ALWAYS watching. Even when they say they don’t care, your children are watching you. Even before they have the ability to accomplish the speech, actions, or habits of your life, they are keeping an eye on you because you are the example of how life is to be led. Your child(ren) are ALWAYS watching you. They learn to talk because of the words that you use. They learn to walk, because of and through you. They learn to love the way you love. They learn to care about the things you care about. They learn to… and be careful here… hate the things you hate.

Your children are watching not only the things you do, but the way in which you do those things. The reason God gave them you is so that they can watch you and learn how to live this life. He built a training system into the fabric of life, and while you may not officially have the gift of teaching, or training, you have the ability to be you, and if you seek to be the best you, you can be, according to the gifts God has given you, they will see it and learn to do the same.

I recall my son, early on in his ability to speak, using a word (and not a ‘good’ word) that my wife and I had, purposefully, not used since he began to talk. I am convinced that he heard the word early in life, because he was listening and watching us before he could talk, and then he used it (albeit) appropriately when he dropped something!


Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash

So, Dad… I want to challenge you! Is there something in your life right now, that your children shouldn’t see, or hear. Get rid of it… by any means necessary. Do it for their sake, and for your sake. If you need someone to keep you accountable, get them. If you need help with that, ask. That’s the purpose for this community of men. We are all in this together.

You can do it! Remove what’s not kid-friendly today!