The Model of a Man

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

From the moment your child was born you were their hero. In fact, there is a massive correlation between how your children see you and how they will someday see God. You gave them life. You were the difference between life and just another egg that got discarded from their mother’s womb during her “time of the month.” You have the role of provider, protector, and preacher (Yes, they will believe what you say over what others say without hardly thinking twice… at least at first).

That’s good news, right? But consider this: As honest as you can be with yourself, are you the man right now you want your son to aspire to be? or your daughter to look for in a future husband? Because if you have spent any time with them, they are actively shaping their model of a man after you. Now, keep in mind that your children are not going to be a carbon copy of you because there’s mom genes involved too, but they value your opinion (and want to make it their own), and they are actively seeking to make you proud of them by doing what they see you do. Just like a young boy, who dons the costume of his favorite superhero.

The best part of this truth, is that it is not difficult to validate them if you simply try, because they already look up to you. Simple phrases like “great job,” “I knew you could do it,” and “I am proud of you” are like gold to them because they look up to their hero.  Think of these phrases as teachable moments. Though they are not quite an analogy or a lesson, when you take a moment to build up your kid(s) you are teaching them that you believe in them, love them, and are behind them – which is great curriculum.

So, Dad… I challenge you to find at least 3 times to validate your child(ren) today! The progress their making on a school project, the way they’ve done their chores… (yes, I said chores), even simply doing what you asked them to do.
(My kids like to try to be funny, and I admit that there are times where my own whit gets in the way of telling them that what they said was funny. I have to try hard to build them up in this area, but it’s worth it – they are funny, they’re my kids)
You can do it! Find 3 things to build up your kid(s) today!