Device Contract


When your child gets a personal computer, game system, or smartphone they need a guideline for what you expect of them when they use it.  My wife and I developed this when our kids were young.  Hopefully, it is useful to you, or inspirational to make your own.


Getting your child a new computer, phone, or game system?  Have you set limits and expectations for the way they use it?

There is a lot of wisdom in setting their expectations right from the beginning.  This contract was developed by my wife and me for our kids when they got their own devices – for us, the first time we used it was for an i-pod believe it or not.  Whether it is a game system, a computer, or a smartphone it is a good idea to have an understanding of what you expect in the way they use their personal devices.  This contract lays out reasonable expectations and leaves all the power in your hands as a parent.

A device is a privilege, not a right.  Something we all need to remember with our technology.



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