Code of Conduct


Do your kids know what type of behavior you expect of them? Have you laid it out for them? written it down for them? Here is the Code of Conduct we have been using.  For more information on Characters of Courage visit the website here.


For kids, and let’s be honest – for all of us, setting expectations is a huge part of life.  It was important to us that our kids knew what we expected of them. The Code of Conduct is a list of character traits that sum up a well-rounded person.  To know, and more important to be, these things is something that is very important.  With these words, I came up with working definitions, mottos, object representations, animal representations, and found scripture references that have helped my kids picture what it means to be each of these words.  You can also visit the Characters of Courage website here, for more information.  Once I covered the ins and outs of these words, I then could reference the “Code” when they were misbehaving which puts the focus on the behavior without making it personal.  Consistently using these words and their support (i.e. definition, motto…) has helped my kids remember what these words are, and that they are words to live by.



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