Devotions for Dads! – Proverbs 11:13

“Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets, but he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing covered.” Proverbs 11:13

There is a time when love and wisdom guide to privacy. Covering information, in love, is not wrong. Though the adversary may tempt with the idea that it is deceitful, Solomon clearly says, here, that there is a time to wisely keep things from the public eye. Solomon speaks further on this, in Proverbs 17:9, how the covering of an offense is seeking love. Too often we have a sense of duty to talk about something simply because we know about it, especially if we know it to be true; that it actually happened. “I was just telling the truth,” is a common excuse. Peter also speaks on this in the New Testament (1 Peter 4:8) commending that love covers a multitude of sin. This alludes to the blood of Christ who has covered all of our sins, and washed them white a snow.

Lord God, help me to know when love and wisdom guide to privacy. Let love and wisdom guide all that I do. You have blessed us. Thank You. You know every detail of the course of our lives, and the near-chaos, that I feel now, is in Your hand. Thank You for the peace that this understanding brings. Pour strength onto my girls. Illuminate each of them through this process of home-schooling. Draw them close to You. We need You more than ever as a family. Bind us together. Grant that we would forgive one another, and use us for Your purposes within, and without, our family. Bless my shift. Bless Luminosity (contracted writing project). Bless my writing . All of this as You see fit, because You are my all – I want more of You. These things I pray in the strong Name of Jesus Christ, amen.