Campfires + Boys = Good Combination

L.I.F.T.* Father Son Retreat

It is utterly amazing what sitting around a campfire does for your soul!

Last weekend I watched boys ranging from age 5 to 16 sit together, relatively still, around a campfire two nights in a row with no agenda and simply enjoy the tranquility and chaos of a campfire! It was a beautiful time, as conversation was inspired by mere proximity, not only between dads, or between boys, but across the fire in all directions.

I’m sure the Smores helped, but there was an amazing energy as every single male present, was “present” and actively finding rest and joy around the flames. It was a lovely time to be together, and to start the weekend as well as cap off the full day of activities in which we all participated as individual father and son pairs.

“Cap” and Me

I highly recommend getting out of your ordinary.

It is uncanny what it can bring out of your own heart, as well as the heart of your children.  Much like a traumatic event is burned into your memory and you can remember where you were, and what you were wearing when “that” happened, getting away from your normal routine and finding life changing truths in yourself, and more importantly in your children, will be a memory that will last a lifetime!  …and don’t forget, when in those moments, to enjoy them – but also to be intentional, find a few teaching moments, or discover something about the way your child is made that will boost both your understanding of them and that relationship.

We spend an hour talking on this rock!

There were hours spent with my son, just he and I! We were able to converse about many subjects, but also hiked a few mountains, boulder-ed up a few boulders, and saw some tremendous views! We also sat for the better part of an hour simply talking on a rock in the middle of nowhere.

Some of what we talked about is how he is wired.  I gained some great insight into my boy, and was able to edify him along those lines both at the retreat and since.  He also build the fire each night, for the group (he’s good at that)!

Time is valuable, use it wisely, and spend it generously on your family!

*for more information on L.I.F.T. and their events like the L.I.F.T. Facebook page @LIFTWeekends